Drag Energy Empowerment Workshops use playful embodiment practices and sassy self awareness methods to harness self expression. We move our bodies and establish a grounded, powerful sense of belonging while building self confidence and community.
When we release our most fabulous selves, we have strength to improve our lives, inspire others and can change the world, and honey, it really needs it!
Drag Energy is for everyone babe, so get involved!
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I have been a drag queen since the mid 90's darling! From performing in underground clubs to the world's biggest festival stages with the iconic Sink The Pink! Drag liberated me and taught me the value of community, creativity, inspiration and joy! 
I started Drag Energy because we need sober, queer oriented spaces to be authentic. It's informed by my life in drag, work as a fitness instructor, Somatic Coaching and Jivamukti Yoga teacher trainings.
I also got some incredible life lessons from the biggest divas I have worked with like Grace Jones, The Spice Girls, Kylie Minogue and bevy of RuPauls Drag Race queens.
See the Deep Dive Page if you want to know all the tea honey!

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