Drag Energy Catwalk - A transformative embodiment workshop that is both powerful and playful.

This unique experience utilises meditation, breathwork, stretching, talking and catwalking as tools to release our inner power while building connection and community.
Let’s explore self expression on a whole new level.
All abilities, ages, genders, sexualities, races and backgrounds are welcome.
This dynamic workshop can be applied in all settings from festivals to corporate team building, community and arts festivals or private parties. It can be adapted to any group size or 1 on 1 coaching.

Drag Energy Dancefloor Activation - An uplifting empowerment experience bringing consciousness to partying.

A guided transformative party starter where we can celebrate and uplift each other, while showing off our sassy moves. Let's get wild!
This experience brings a deeper sense of belonging in a party context which is important to build confidence, community and connection.
For festivals, clubs and private parties.

Drag Energy Makeup Manifestation - An intimate 1 on 1 makeup tutorial where the participant is enabled with skills to practice painting like a true queen.

Have you always wanted to try Drag Makeup and visually realise your diva force? Together we apply our makeup side by side while I guide you through some drag transformation skills.
These personal sessions include meditation, breathwork, coaching and practical makeup application skills. 
Let's get sickening honey!

Drag Darling - Performer, host, model and club dancer. - I am a fabulous force to be reckoned with. Book a bitch! 

Public Speaker - I offer my unique perspective on life through my drag and work with Drag Energy.

I have been interviewed and presented in many different contexts from Pride panels, community groups, collaborative workshops, corporate workshops and lectures at Google and festivals. If my sassy unique perspective and interest in social change interests you then just hand me the mic babe!

Children's Workshops - Fabulous, empowering and entertaining children’s workshops with depth.

Younger humans absolutely love Drag Energy.
It’s vital we allow kids to grow into a world with all the possibilities of joy, creativity and self expression available and visible to them. 
These workshops are fun and captivating, they include visualisation, breathwork, catwalk, movement and sharing circles. 

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